For Visual Artists and People Who Like to Make Things with Their Hands

On September 19, an army of marchers created by the fierce community of independent citizens will take over the streets and flood the social media. Our message: Give us our fair share of the collective wealth so that we can contribute to the society in solving problems and building a positive future. Give us Guaranteed Basic Income.

It is a part of an international event, Basic Income March, organized by Income Movement and happening in multiple cities around the world.

We got this idea from Polly M. Law, a Kingston-based artist, who created a project called Puny Protest. In the months following the 2016 election, she started creating a small doll head in resemblance of Donald Trump, placing them in various public places. She takes photos of them and posts on her social media with captions of protest. (Note: we are non-partisan. Everyone is welcome to join the march.)

Course of Action

  1. Register at Action Network.
  2. Become a member in Woodstock ’20 March for the Future Facebook group.
  3. Make figurines, puppets, drawings, or dolls of marchers.
  4. Place them in a public place, either at night on September 18th or morning of the 19th.
  5. Take photos.
  6. If you have an Instagram account, post them with a hashtag #woodstockbasicincomemarch
  7. If you’re on Facebook, post them in Woodstock ’20 March for the Future group. If you want your marchers to be discovered, note the location.
  8. You can email us the photo and location using our contact form, if you prefer.
  9. If you make them out of plastic or metal, please pick them up at the end of the day.
  10. If you make them out of natural material, you can leave them in place to decompose.
  11. If you want to make sure you’ll get back your marchers, or want your marchers to have company, choose one of the drop-off locations (we cannot guarantee 100% they won’t get lost, so if your work is valuable, just take a photo and do not leave it in place).
  12. Watch UBI become the law of the United States, and know that you had something to do with it.
  13. Receive your first check.
  14. Make more things.

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