UBI Advocacy

Creativity and passion doesn’t follow the market. Creators are forced into an ill-fit system such as wages tied to output, hours, and profit. When we engage in genuinely creative work, the work often has no market value. This creates a winners-take-all narrative, which unfortunately many art organizations enforce by offering grants and fellowships on merit, when the support is actually needed before they build their career. 

This is why we support Universal Basic Income as the indispensable step towards activating abundance and maximizing intrinsic motivation. Our society is being deprived of unlimited amounts of high-quality-output by denying creators their passion to flourish. Forge Collective advocates for UBI and other measures that enable an alignment of economic security with the way creators naturally function.

Additionally, we believe that such a system would also benefit the world and the planet.

We are currently in the exploratory stage of a basic income project in Kingston, New York.

For our ongoing programs, there are three main categories in our advocacy:

In addition, we are researching the possibilities for these services

  • Direct Services (Emergency services like childcare and transportation) *excluded from funding through Fractured Atlas
  • SOS Fund (emergency cash for creators in emergency) *excluded from funding through Fractured Atlas
Rondout Drive Basic Income Project