Shared Experiences

Our society seems to be as divided as ever. With mounting problems and the scarcity mind-set, our division is more likely to worsen before it can improve. Our busy lifestyle and addiction to social media are pushing us further into echo chambers and isolation. In order to resist this polarization, we create shared experiences that elevate participants’ sense of connectedness. They vary from a one-off event like an interactive performance to long-term projects like video and audio story-shares that address contentious issues and encourage honest communication. Our past projects include:

  • Yankeetown Pond Project (Community participatory project re-designed after a dispute with a resident and as a result, achieved higher success)
  • Catskill Waters (Public outreach project in partnership with local stream programs with grants from NYC Dept of Environmental Protection in NYC watersheds in the Catskills)
  • Old Glenford Church Autumn Banquet (Fundraiser as a community art event)
  • Meat Me in Woodstock (Video production directed by a 6th grader with 40+ extras)