For Restaurant and Small Business Owners

Small business owners, especially restaurants, were hit hard by the pandemic. Although a variety of aids kept their businesses afloat for a while, the ongoing infection and expired assistance cast dark clouds ahead. The fact that they were already being squeezed by the “Get big or get out” pressure pre-pandemic does not help.

However, this tragedy is also opening a window for a real social change. And there is no better place than the greater Hudson Valley region to nurture this in a truly democratic way.

We invite you to join our March in demanding Guaranteed Basic Income as a way to activate abundance among our resilient and creative community.

Hudson Valley Basic Income March is part of an international event, Basic Income March, organized by Income Movement and happening in multiple cities around the world.


Contact us and we’ll provide you with our posters. Display anywhere in your establishment, take a photo, post on your Instagram with #woodstockbasicincomemarch or on our Facebook Group

You are welcome to design and produce your own march-related project.

Please consider becoming one of our drop-off locations for mini-marchers. You can designate a corner of your establishment to display them. You will not be responsible for lost or damaged mini-marchers.

To join us and list your name under Our Partners, contact us ASAP.

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