Panels and Lectures

Our panel discussions and lectures center around the themes of deep communication, a new social contract including UBI and human-centered economy, and intrinsic motivation and emotional intelligence. We invite guest panelists and speakers mostly from our community, often representing different viewpoints but with equal dedication.

Our most recent panel happened in January where our director Keiko Sono, then a delegate in the 19th Congressional district in New York for Andrew Yang, a Democratic Presidential candidate, was joined by other delegates Rebecca Rojer (Sanders) and Dan Flores (Warren). They presented their candidates’ policies in terms of how they would affect our own community, followed by Q&A and signature collection for petitions to place them on the ballot.

The event was well-received and many requests were made for more. People were hungry for the message of unity, open communication, and collective problem-solving. That’s exactly what Forge Collective will provide.