Intrinsic—the Podcast

The thing art has over industry is love…the reward for good work is more work.

–Tom Sachs

Intrinsic is a podcast about what makes life worth living. It is about the intrinsic value of each individual and intrinsic motivation that drives us. What if we could align these with our jobs? What if we could do what we are good at and enjoy doing as a way to live? How would that affect our society? What would such a society look like?

These are the questions we’ll be asking in Intrinsic. We’ll be hearing stories from artists, chefs, writers, and all types of creators who sacrifice financial security or time with family to pursue their crafts. We’ll visit volunteers and community organizers who spend their free time after work for a cause. We’ll ask opinions from experts in relative fields about how we could maximize such intrinsic motivation and align our education, work, and healthcare environment with it.

Our episodes will cycle through interviews, round-table discussions, and documentary format stories.

Intrinsic will launch in June, 2020.

Episodes and Guests

  • Politics, Power, and Deep Canvassing, Eitan Hersh, author, Politics is for Power
  • Advice to the Hudson Valley from Lacoste, Provence, Cyril Montana, Filmmaker, Cyril contre Goliath
  • How Fiscal Sponsorship could Activate Community Projects, Fractured Atlas
  • 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4)? Susan Ragusa, non-profit consultant