Mission and Goals


We are an open platform for creating a humanity forward society. Our principle is radical honesty, unleashing our innate ability to trust ourselves and each other. Our mission is to facilitate this trust-building, leading to a path for humanity and cooperation in a time of great transformation.


Most of our social structures and systems were built to accommodate the 20th century paradigm based on capitalism and industrial technology. While such advancement served us in reducing global poverty and turbo-charging economic output, it has created problems that threaten the entire ecosystem and well-being of a majority of human beings.

Our goal is to contribute to the re-configuring of our social systems to benefit all of us and the planet. To attain this goal, we engage in activities that fall into three categories: 1. Research and development for the economic and social system that aligns with the way we naturally work and maximizes intrinsic motivation; 2. Real-life application of such findings and theories in our communities; 3. Solidarity and collaboration with other organizations of similar goals worldwide.


Our strength lies in the creativity and self-reliance that our region is known for. Birthplace of the Hudson River School, the first American art movement, and Woodstock Music Festival, a symbol of the Vietnam era peace movement, the stretch from the Hudson River into the mountains of the Catskills have served for centuries as the ground for inclusive and humanistic innovations and collaborations. Forge Collective continues this tradition by relying on a sense of gratitude and profound happiness as our guidance.

Our projects center around two themes: shared experiences and deep communication

Shared experience is the origin of art and culture. By creating rituals and occasions that heighten our sense of connection, human beings have successfully rallied around a common goal to achieve bigger-than-life results. At Forge Collective, we have produced numerous events and projects that brought people from different social groups together to form meaningful connections. As we head into the world after the lengthy quarantine, shared experiences will be more valuable than ever.

Communication is the foundation of our civilization. Not only to transmit information and knowledge, but to share how we feel is essential to  mutually beneficial human interaction. This fine art of communication which has evolved in all corners of the earth is now endangered. Smart phones, social media, political polarization, class divide, and endless streams of content—all drown out the fine signals and deeper connections.

Forge Collective brings back this invaluable resource by creating a safe environment that encourages honest communication even in contentious situations. We believe that most conflicts can be solved with better communication. As domestic and international forces attempt to sow discord, honest and empathetic communication will be our best protection against such attacks.

Forge Collective is sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions for the purposes of Forge Collective are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Photo: Jojo Ans