Woodstock ’20

March for the Future

September 19, 2020

Lara Hope and Matt Goldpaugh of The Gold Hope Duo

Universal Basic Income is our future—and the future is now.

Andrew Yang
illustration by David Goldin, design by Alicia Mikles

Two Ways to Participate:

One: Make mini-marchers in materials of your choice. Place them in a public spot.

Optional: download mini-marchers art here!

Two: Make music, sound art, spoken words, dance, etc., between 2-3pm.

Then take a photo or video and post on Instagram or in our FB group with #woodstockbasicincomemarch.

(You can record your marcher or performance ahead of time and post on 9/19)

All of your marchers and music will be in one place, right here.

If you are in the Hudson Valley, you have more options:

Drop-off your marchers in one of those locations below.

Or, perform music in one of those locations.

Or, come check out the marchers and performance in those locations.

Or, become one of those locations to receive/display marchers and host performances.

Locations for Drop-Off and Performances

Participating Organizations

Make sure you are counted. We have power in numbers.

Woodstock ’20: March for the Future is part of an international event, Basic Income March, organized by Income Movement, a 501(c)(3) organization, and happening in multiple cities around the world.

What Is UBI?

Overview of UBI
How to pay for UBI according to Andrew Yang
UBI more relevant than ever in pandemic