For Not-for-Profits and Community Organizations

Non-profits and community organizations have been forced to adapt and reinvent themselves during this pandemic, affecting themselves and the people whom they serve. Guaranteed Basic Income would stabilize the economy, secure the floor for all individuals, and help us weather the rough patches.

We invite you to join our coalition in demanding Guaranteed Basic Income as a way to activate abundance among our resilient and creative community.

Hudson Valley Basic Income March is part of an international event, Basic Income March, organized by Income Movement and happening in multiple cities around the world.


It’s easy! Just encourage your members and network to participate in our virtual march!

If you manage a public space, display our posters (contact us and we’ll deliver), take a photo, and post on your Instagram with #woodstockbasicincomemarch or in our FB group on 9/19. That’s it!

You are welcome to design and produce your own march-related project.

To join us and list your name under Our Partnerscontact us ASAP.

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