Deep Communication v.1

Our desire to share is the source of all arts and culture. To share with others what we know and how we feel is fundamental to communication on which our civilization is built.

This fine art of communication which evolved in all corners of the earth is now endangered. Smart phones, social media, political polarization, class divide, and endless streams of content—all drown out the fine signals.

Forge Collective brings back this fine art by creating an environment that encourages honest communication even in contentious situations.

This is why story-share is a big part of Forge Collective. Rather than artists or filmmakers telling stories for them, we are here to assist people to tell their stories in their own voices. Furthermore, we use deep communication as a tool for tangible problem-solving and enduring connection-building. 

  • Podcasts
  • Youtube
  • Panels, Discussions, Lectures
  • Community Media Lab (Currently in the planning stage, our lab provides tools and skills for the community to share their own stories in their own voices)
  • Flick Book Studio (2011-present. Stop-motion animation studio that merges hands-on techniques with digital production, with a focus on providing neurodiverse students and artists with a nurturing environment for creating and sharing)
  • Sundown (2019. Podcast chronicling an unlikely collaboration between a contemporary artist and a gun-shop owner)
  • Portraits and Stories (2018-19. Collection of oral history of residents in the NYC watersheds located in the Catskills)