Deep Communication

Communication is the foundation of our civilization. Not only to transmit information and knowledge, but to share how we feel is essential to mutually beneficial human interaction. This fine art of communication which has evolved in all corners of the earth is now endangered. Smart phones, social media, political polarization, class divide, and endless streams of content—all drown out the fine signals and deeper connections.

Forge Collective brings back this invaluable resource by creating a safe environment that encourages honest communication even in contentious situations. We believe that most conflicts can be solved with better communication. As domestic and international forces attempt to sow discord, honest and empathetic communication will be our best protection against such attacks.

This is why story sharing is a big part of Forge Collective. Rather than artists or filmmakers telling stories for the people, we are here to assist them to tell their stories in their own voices. Furthermore, we use deep communication, one that leads to a trust that is built over time with honesty and decency, as a tool for tangible problem-solving and enduring connection-building. 

Current and Past Projects